Digital Crisis Response

The first SAAS solution that allows both to train employees through simulation and managers to manage a crisis in a collaborative mode.

Confronting digital threats

Launch your simulations in a few clicks

• With a few clicks, you can launch an unannounced phishing campaign or information about a data breach.
• Access a library of new simulations constantly adapted to new forms of cybercrime.
• Rely on a team of experts to obtain your customized simulations.

Involve your employees in the management of a simulated crisis

• Involve all your employees in cybersecurity crisis management through serious games.
• Train your teams to effectively manage cyber security crises.

Edit complete reports and improve your organization

• Consult a dashboard in real time to analyze the results of your staff’s involvement in digital threats.
• Improve the maturity of your organization with the feedback formalised at the end of each simulation.

Effectively manage cybersecurity crises

Develop CyberAttention

• Provide your employees with a way to report any suspicious emails, events or phone solicitations.
• Analyze alerts received from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
• Gain in reactivity and mobilize in a few clicks the necessary skills to manage all situations that have an impact on your company.

Manage in collaborative mode any incident or crisis

• Determine and monitor in real time the actions to be taken.
• Access an operating procedure proposed or adapted to your organization to assist you in resolving cybersecurity crises.
• Access contacts and your information resources.
• At the end of the event, make your feedback online in order to improve your operating methods.

Edit complete reports

• Identify and analyze digital threats that affect your organization with the dashboard.
• Advance your organization’s maturity by taking advantage of your formalized feedback at the end of each event without delay
• Improve the functioning of your crisis cells.

Safety and security


The SaaS environment allows our customers to benefit from the Digital Crisis Response application service. Our hosting service allows us to guarantee a quality service offering all the services necessary for the proper functioning of Digital Crisis Response.

The SaaS environment guarantees the following quality services
• 24/7 system maintenance and monitoring
• Guaranteed intervention time and guaranteed recovery time
• A privileged interlocutor from the implementation of the solution to the operation
• Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantee
• Guarantee of rapid intervention by our teams

AUCAE offers via its partner a High Availability & Security hosting, whose characteristics are communicated to our customers.

The rental SaaS mode has many advantages compared to an internalized mode (installation within your establishment).


Since the IT infrastructure (and your data) reside in the AUCAE hosting centre, if your facility’s premises or internal IT equipment is damaged in any way, you can easily get back up and running from anywhere with computers connected to the Internet.


AUCAE’s technical teams handle software and hardware updates, freeing your internal IT department from a heavy workload. This outsourcing reduces internal human costs, the need to recruit qualified people for the maintenance of an internally installed Digital Crisis Response.


AUCAE’s teams have designed a Security Insurance Plan for the client that transparently specifies the technical and human measures put in place to access the Digital Crisis Response application.

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