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AUCAE is the combination of 2 skills : one on human resources and one on crisis management

AUCAE was born at the end of 2019, in Toulouse, from the association of 2 expertises: Pascale Perez and Jean-Marc Sépio, co-founders of AUCAE, have accompanied their customers, large accounts, ETIs and SMEs, for more than 20 years, in concrete actions of training, crisis management and in the implementation of a more effective management of cyber crises.

Digital Crisis Response is the result of more than 20 years of experience in different sectors (industry, services, energy, health, construction, transport and local authorities).

aucae: in Latin “the geese”, in reference to the mystified event of the “geese of the capitol” who sounded the alarm and saved Rome from a surprise attack.

Pascale PEREZ

Co-founder of Aucae

Jean-Marc SÉPIO

Co-founder of Aucae

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