Our offers

An offer adapted to the needs of each company
Discovery offer for 2 months
1500€ H.T.
  • 4 customized and parameterized standard cyber attacks simulations
  • Dashboards
  • Employee alert system
  • Access to Cybercrisis tool : training / real crisis
  • Standard Cyber Crisis Management Action Plan
Offers full autonomy for 12 months
In addition to the content of the Awareness offer:
  • Access to custom settings
  • Design and implementation of your own cyber-attack tests and quiz simulations
  • Implementation of its own cyber crisis management action plans
Offer with experts support for 12 months
In addition to the content of the Resilience offer:
  • Cyber crimes watch and configuration of new types of cyber attacks by AUCAE
  • Support in cyber crisis management by experts

The minimum subscription period is 12 months.
The amount of the monthly subscription varies according to the number of users – Excluding implementation and consumption costs (Sms).

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