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Digital Crisis Response, the Cyber Resilience asset

by | Dec 12, 2019

Increasingly connected computer systems that manage data are embedded in our personal and professional lives.

The security incident of data that was then in the wrong hands and the failure to ensure service continuity are risks to the stability of all companies.

That is why these threats must be taken very seriously.

You can work to improve your defence and develop strategies to deal with crisis situations.

But will this be enough to prepare to react to failures of all eventualities, absorb the shock and bounce back?

The other way is Cyber Resilience.

Cyber Resilience, the integrated approach

The cost of cyber security investments continues to increase to maintain your ability to manage a number of security incidents, identify them quickly, be able to restore your system after an attack and limit the extent of damage caused.

But spending more does not mean being Resilient Cyber.

Threats are evolving: new cyber risks, new forms that impact your entire ecosystem (Customers, suppliers, subcontractors, service providers, partners) and can reach you.

The best way to do this is to synchronize your prevention, detection, reaction and system recovery capabilities to maintain the continuity of your services.

It also means developing an ability to learn from failures to develop an immune system (like that of a human body).

The best way to optimize your investments and develop your cyber resilience is to act on several levers:

  • Measure the digital risk*
  • Consolidate your security foundation*
  • Manage and enhance cybersecurity*.

Digital Crisis Response (DCR) allows measuring the digital risk

It is the solution to confront the entire organization with digital risks and popularize the solutions implemented.

DCR is the solution that allows in a few clicks, you can launch an unannounced phishing campaign or information on a data breach.

It also offers a library of new simulations constantly adapted to new forms of cybercrime, such as the possibility of relying on a team of experts to obtain customized simulations.

The management team, managers and users are directly confronted with risks and better involved in investment choices in line with the company’s needs.

Digital Crisis Response (DCR) consolidates your security foundation

The human being is at the centre of the game*.

That’s why we designed Digital Crisis Response (DCR) is designed to make people the strong link in cybersecurity.

DCR is the solution that will make training practical by involving all your employees in alerting and managing cybersecurity crises through serious games.

DCR enables the acquisition and maintenance of skills through training your teams to effectively manage cyber security crises.

Finally, it increases your ability to react through a collaborative environment and operating procedures that can guide them in resolving cybersecurity-related crises.

Digital Crisis Response (DCR) allows you to manage and enhance your cybersecurity

DCR allows you to know the level of maturity of your organization:

– Consult a dashboard in real time to analyze the results of your staff’s involvement in digital threats.

– Identify and analyze digital threats that affect your organization with the dashboard.

– Advance your organization’s maturity by taking advantage of your formalized feedback at the end of each event without delay.

DCR allows you to justify to your ecosystem (Customers, investors, suppliers) the level of maturity in terms of cybersecurity and allows it to position itself as a trusted partner for access to new markets or seize development opportunities.

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*AMRAE/ANSSI Guide: Digital Risk Management – The Confidence Advantage – available on the ANSSI and AMRAE websites.