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Digital Crisis Response, Transforming the Human into the company’s first “firewall”!

by | Dec 12, 2019

Everyone now agrees that the human being must be placed at the heart of cybersecurity. It is the gateway to cyber-attacks and unfortunately many organisations have suffered crises due to human error.

The human being within organisations can be both a threat and a security.

Cybersecurity education is an imperative!

How can we learn to protect our organisations through behaviour?

As an HR manager, I am convinced that learning and training can only be effective in real-life situations.

Employees often think that cybersecurity is a CIO business! However, security problems must also be a matter for HR managers.

Since the arrival of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), many organisations have embarked on training and awareness-raising for their employees: we have seen the emergence of MooC (massive open online course), face-to-face training and all other types of training on IT hygiene.

However, based on our feedback, these training and awareness sessions have shown their limits: once the training has been completed or MooC has been completed, what will be left of it in one, two or six months?

Make no mistake about it: cyber threats are getting better and better!

How can you be sure that your employees will be vigilant in the face of new forms of cyber threats, despite the training provided?

As we know, a data security incident can have serious consequences for a company.

It is therefore important to move from awareness to confrontation and lifelong learning.

Employees must change their behaviour and become the company’s first firewall.

Just as we have developed citizen behaviour to fight burglaries (joint surveillance with our neighbours, calls to the Gendarmerie in case of doubt, etc.), we must teach our employees to become cyber security whistleblowers.

The employee is in his privileged workspace, which often leads him to be less vigilant and to click without checking the basics of cybersecurity. He has often already forgotten all the training and good practices from MooC.

In our opinion, confronting employees with cyber threats on a regular basis and training them in crisis management remains the best way to educate and transform behaviour.

We have therefore devised DCR, a solution that allows, in a few clicks, to launch serious game simulations by generating phishing campaigns or other forms of cyberthreats in order to transform the behaviour of your employees.

With DRC, it is the solution to confront the entire organisation with digital risks and popularise the solutions implemented.

DCR enables the acquisition and maintenance of skills through the training of teams to effectively manage cyber security crises.

Finally, it increases the ability to react through a collaborative environment and operating procedures that can guide them in the resolution of cybersecurity-related crises.

DCR makes it possible to make the human become the first firewall of the company.

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