digital crisis response

Train employees to identify threats.
Developing reflexes in the face of a cyber crisis.

Reduce risk behaviors

“The best way to detect threats is to confront them!”

Launch in only three clicks after an unexpected cyber campaign through : phishing, spear Phishing, email servers, SMS.

Knowledge Development through educational quizzes.

Installation of an alert system to develop cybervigilance.

On-going employee charting in reaction time.

Increasing responsiveness to the cyber crisis

“The best way to manage is to be prepared and react effectively!”

Equipped with “training” and “crisis” modes.

The capacity to convene all internal and external players within a crisis center.

Use of the key functionalities of a crisis unit.

Provision of a cyber crisis management action plan.


High availability & security hosting for the Digital Crisis Response application.

security &

Security Assurance Plan which transparently specifies the technical and human systems put in place for access to the Digital Crisis Response application.