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CISO & Human Resource manager, cybersecurity special forces

by | Feb 16, 2020

Companies often believe that technical solutions can effectively combat cyber attacks.

Equipment budgets can be expensive.

IT managers sometimes feel helpless either because of a lack of financial investment or a lack of support from their management.

In recent times, we have seen a growing awareness that the human being remains the weakest link in this area.
All the processes of a company integrate human actions: finance, sales, HR, production, …

It is therefore essential that the HR function and the IS function work together to effectively combat any form of digital attack.

Optimize cybersecurity training

IT and HR are well aware that employees are an integral part of the cyber security bulwark.

However, training budgets do not necessarily include all the awareness actions, which are necessary to make the Human being the first firewall in the company.

How can we help them detect a “phishing” email? How can we help them to become a real alert system?

Awareness-raising and training actions must be recurrent and regular until the level of maturity of the entire organization is at its peak. Equipment and new IT technologies are not enough to protect the company.

It is therefore essential that the HR function be able to benefit from sufficient budgets to achieve this objective.

CISO, HR manager, combine forces!

The HR function is the gateway for new employees, employees on the move and often remains the last point of contact when employees leave.

It is therefore the major player in the monitoring of access rights management to the company’s various applications.

Unfortunately, it should be noted that this interaction between CISO and HR managers does not always work as well as it could.

However, this relationship is one of the key measures to secure access!

However, a company that implements the right IT technical resources and HR procedures to fight against cyber attacks will certainly be less vulnerable and more seasoned in the face of all these risks.

Training, yes, but…

We therefore believe that prevention and interaction between CISO and HR manager is one of the most effective ways of encouraging employees to be vigilant in the face of the many forms of attack.

MOOCs and e-learning are a first step towards raising awareness. But this is not enough.

What happens after 2 to 3 months? Once the employee returns to his or her recurring tasks, there is a risk that he or she will act with haste! Imagine that the employee receives an e-mail from his or her manager.

It will cause confusion and certainly a reaction that could lead to malicious intrusion.

That’s why we came up with Digital Crisis Response, a solution that allows you to launch serious games simulations in just a few clicks, generating phishing campaigns or other forms of cyberthreats to transform the behaviour of your employees.

With Digital Crisis Response, it’s the solution for confronting the entire organisation with digital risks and popularising the solutions implemented.

Digital Crisis Response enables the acquisition and maintenance of skills by training teams to effectively manage cyber security crises.

Finally, it increases the capacity to react through a collaborative environment and operating methods that guide them in resolving cyber security crises.

Digital Crisis Response allows the Human to become the first Firewall of the company.

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